Sunday, 9 September 2012

Oussama Assaidi - A Flying Winger

Oussama Assaidi has just recently moved to Liverpool for the figure of £2.4 million. Now most Liverpool fans will have never heard of Assaidi and truthfully neither have I. So therefore here's a little research I have dug up on him.

1. His FIFA 2012 profile gives him 91/100 for acceleration, 90/100 for agility and 86/100 dribbling. The area he needs to work on - if the football console is to be believed - is slide tackling, at which they rate him 24/100

2. The wide man scored 20 goals in 68 games for Herenveen.

Here's the proof of Assaidi's pace, trickery and dribbling.

Now just imagine when we get Raheem Sterling on one flank and Asaidi on the other!

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