Friday, 20 January 2012


By now you must have heard and seen Pepe's infamous stamp on Leo Messi's hand.
The incident ocurred in Wednesday's 2-1 defeat for Real at home to Barcelona in the Spanish cup quarter-finals.
For those who haven't ( the referee included) you can fast forward to minute 0:34 to see Pepe in action.

There's been criticism of Pepe from all corners. The Marca, the normally loyal Madrid based paper said that Pepe's behavior was "shameful" and "intolerable". 
The criticism was so intense and Pepe's behavior so bad that Real Madrid have decided to drop Pepe for 2 weeks. 

In a strange twist of fate, some criticism has also come from Wayne Rooney. 
"Pepe. What an idiot. Sometimes people wind u up" he tweeted.

This is strange considering that in the 2006 World Cup,Rooney was sent off for similar incident, 
stamping on Ricardo Carvalho's crotch. 

Is Rooney suffering  from selective amnesia or is he a product of the English media which thinks he can no wrong?

After all most of the media coverage from the stamping incident centered around Ronaldo's attempt to get his Man Utd teammate sent off and his infamous 'wink'.
Cristiano Ronaldo was painted as a villain that time and he feared for his safety once he returned to England after the World Cup.

Well anyway, just in case Rooney reads this blog I've added a sort of Greatest Hits Collection of Rooney's on field indiscretions so that hopefully it might jog his memory.
You can forward to minute 1:03 to see the stamping incident.

Guti, the former Real Madrid player in response to Rooney's hypocrisy said,

"I laugh at Rooney," Guti responded on his Twitter page.

"But there are many saints in heaven, and if you want to be a saint you must lead by example. Making mistakes is human."

Couldn't have said it better myself!

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